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Your Ohio Attorney For Drug Possession Charges.

Experience professional legal services to help you fight your drug possession accusation in Southern Ohio. With our representation, you can rest assured that your best interests are in mind and your matter is being handled effectively.

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Drug Possession Offenses In Ohio.

In Ohio, drug possession offenses are met with stringent penalties, making experienced legal representation crucial for your defense. Our firm specializes in handling drug-related charges and understanding the critical nuances of each case. The type and amount of the substance involved play a significant role in determining the severity of the charge. In Ohio, possession charges can vary widely, ranging from a fifth-degree felony to more serious first-degree felonies, depending on the specific substance and its quantity.

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Criminal Charges Associated With Drug Possession.

Under Ohio Revised Code Section 2925.11, it is a criminal offense to knowingly obtain, possess, or use a controlled substance. But what does this entail? It means that the prosecution, representing the State of Ohio, must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant had actual or constructive possession of the substance. Actual possession implies direct physical control, while constructive possession indicates that the accused had access to and knowledge of the substance, even if not directly in their possession. Proving constructive possession is inherently more challenging.

Common Defenses Against Drug Possession.

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This defense is applicable when law enforcement induces a person to commit a crime they would not have otherwise committed. It challenges the methods used by law enforcement in the lead-up to the alleged offense.


Not A Controlled Substance

Often, substances believed to be controlled by law enforcement are not. The defense can argue the substance in question does not fall under controlled substances. Additionally, discrepancies between 'field weight' and lab-tested weight can lead to reduced charges.

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Fourth Amendment Violations

Refers to violations of the 'unlawful search and seizure' rights under the Fourth Amendment. If law enforcement violates these rights, it can lead to the suppression of evidence. Ohio's Fourth Amendment case law is intricate, with various exceptions and applications, making it essential to have an attorney well-versed in these matters.

Drug Possession Meets Professional Representation.

Drug possession charges have the potential to harm you greatly. We understand the worry and urgency you may have to clear up these accusations. With our professional services, you can be sure that we will do everything in our power to fight these charges and secure your freedom.

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3 Steps To Fight Your Accusation.

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Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation to determine the specific needs of your case.

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After the initial consultation, we will work to develop an in-depth strategy to assist in achieving optimal results for your case.

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From the first meeting to the close of your matter, enjoy the comfort of knowing that a proven professional is in your corner, fighting for your freedom.

Important Disclaimer

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