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Your Attorney Against Violent Crime Charges In Ohio.

Facing a violent crime charge in Ohio can be a life-altering experience. Our legal team specializes in defending individuals accused of serious offenses. Our approach is focused on protecting your rights and seeking the best possible outcome for your matter.

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What Is A Violent Crime In Ohio?

These are very serious crimes, with heavy criminal penalties associated. Further, depending on the crime, you may face lasting consequences beyond conviction. It is important that you consult an attorney who is willing and able to investigate, pursue, and advocate for you at every step of the way. Each crime has a specific meaning, operative on specific facts, and the burden is on the State of Ohio, or the prosecution, to prove every requirement.

Violent Crimes In Ohio.

In Ohio, under Section 2903.02 of the Revised Code, the charge of murder is defined as purposely causing the death of another person or the unlawful termination of another's pregnancy. This charge may also be applied if an individual causes someone's death while committing a felony of the first or second degree.


If convicted or if you plead guilty to murder in violation of section 2903.02 of the Revised Code, you shall be imprisoned for an indefinite term of fifteen years to life.

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In Ohio, under Section 2907.02 of the Revised Code, rape is defined as engaging in sexual conduct with another person under specific circumstances, such as when the other person's judgment or control is substantially impaired, or when the other person is compelled to submit by force or threat of force.

Under Ohio's Section 2907.02, a rape conviction or guilty plea can lead to imprisonment ranging from three to 10 years and fines up to $20,000. In cases involving victims below a specified age, the penalty can escalate to life imprisonment, with or without the possibility of parole.

Assault, as delineated under Ohio law, constitutes a deliberate act wherein an individual knowingly inflicts or endeavors to inflict physical harm upon another individual or an unborn child. The classification of this offense ranges from a first-degree misdemeanor to a felony, contingent upon the identity of the victim and the location where the offense transpired.


Aggravated Assault, outlined in Ohio Revised Code Section 2903.12, is a more severe offense that involves inflicting serious physical harm upon another or an unborn child. Crucial to this definition is the context in which the harm is caused, often characterized by provocation, a state of intense passion, or rage. Additionally, this offense encompasses the act of causing or attempting to cause harm using a deadly weapon. Under Ohio legislation, aggravated assault is treated as a felony, either of the third or fourth degree, with the degree again dependent on the victim involved.

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Arson, as per Ohio Revised Code § 2909.03, involves the intentional use of fire or an explosion to significantly risk physical harm. It encapsulates various scenarios:


  • Damaging Property Without Consent: This includes using fire or explosion to harm another person's property without their permission.

  • Fraudulent Damage: Involves damaging any property, whether owned by oneself or others, using fire or explosion with the intent to deceive for personal gain.

  • Targeting Public Structures: This entails setting fire to government-owned or controlled buildings and structures.

  • Damaging Property with Financial Motive: Damaging any property, without consent, in exchange for payment.

  • Fires in Natural Areas: Setting fire to natural spaces like parks or forests, regardless of ownership, including attempts at fraud.


Aggravated Arson, as outlined in Ohio Revised Code § 2909.02, is a serious offense where an individual intentionally uses fire or an explosion, thereby knowingly creating a significant risk of severe physical harm to a person or an occupied structure. This offense also extends to situations where there is an agreement for hire to cause substantial physical harm to any occupied building, encapsulating both direct damage and potential risks.

Under Ohio Revised Code § 2919.25, domestic violence encompasses a range of acts, including committing a sexually oriented offense, any action that could lead to an abused child, or knowingly, recklessly, or through threat of force causing physical harm to a family or household member.


Domestic violence charges carry varying punishments, often including mandatory prison sentences, which are influenced by factors such as the crime's severity, victim type, statutory provisions for harsher penalties, and the offender's prior criminal record.

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Domestic Violence

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Under Ohio Revised Code Section 2905.01, kidnapping occurs when someone, using force, threat, deception, or other means (especially if the victim is under 13 or mentally incompetent), restrains another's liberty for purposes such as holding them for ransom, committing a felony, inflicting serious harm, engaging in non-consensual sexual activity, obstructing government functions, or enforcing involuntary servitude. This offense is chargeable as either a first or second-degree felony.

Under Ohio Revised Code Section 2903.04, involuntary manslaughter occurs when a person causes another's death or unlawfully terminates a pregnancy either while committing or attempting to commit a felony, or during the commission or attempt of a misdemeanor or regulatory offense. It is classified as a first-degree felony if it happens in the course of another felony, and as a third-degree felony if it occurs during a misdemeanor.

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Involuntary Manslaughter

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Voluntary Manslaughter

Under Ohio Revised Code Section 2903.03, voluntary manslaughter is charged when an individual knowingly causes the death of another or the unlawful termination of a pregnancy due to heat of passion or rage, or serious provocation by the victim. This crime is classified as a first-degree felony.

Your Case, Our Expert Counsel.

We understand the fear and frustration that comes from being accused of committing a violent crime in Ohio. Thanks to our extensive knowledge, you can rest assured that our representation will fight for your rights and provide the best outcome for your matter.

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Your Plan To Fight Violent Crime Accusations.

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Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation to determine the specific needs of your case.

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After the initial consultation, we will work to develop an in-depth strategy to assist in achieving optimal results for your case.

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From the first meeting to the close of your matter, enjoy the comfort of knowing that a proven professional is in your corner.

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